Courseworker © by CAPDM is a Cloud-based production environment for richly-interactive course materials. It is ideal for equipping:

  • education support teams to produce and manage online distance learning materials and MOOCs efficiently, for delivery into Moodle, Blackboard, iPad and other online learning systems and devices, as well as for print;
  • professional publishing teams to single-source publish XML text books, work books, journals, online assessments and companion website cartridges for academic and professional publishers;
  • product documentation teams to produce complete sets of product documentation for delivery online and in customer support environments;

It is an independent environment because it:

  • can be used to produce and manage learning materials for any open course delivery system;
  • uses open standards formats like XML, MPEG, SVG for all course components;
  • uses industry standards like DocBook to exchange semantic content easily;
  • outputs rich sets of course materials in standard Web and print formats;
  • is capable of supporting any teaching approach or learning design.

It is efficient because it can:

  • output large volumes of course materials in minutes;
  • generate print, Web and eBook course materials simultaneously;
  • handle course components individually or as part of a course set;
  • prevent duplication of effort in editing and quality assurance;
  • unite all your production workflows into one complete solution.

If you want to improve the speed, cost and quality of your materials production processes, and you are ready to start working with the power of XML, Courseworker is the holistic single source publishing solution capable of supporting all your needs.

Visit the “About Courseworker” page above to find out how to get started quickly.

Courseworker is developed and maintained by CAPDM Limited. Please contact us now for an informal chat or to learn more.

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